Book A Session

Booking can be made 2 days in advance to 1 year in advance. It is advisable to book early so we can plan better for your photoshoot session. Looking forwards to our session together.

Not to worry, some details can still change in your booking form but it will act as a guide to begin planning for your session. Just fill in as much as you can or add placeholders to indicate your preference.

Will be reconfirmed if available.

(Best immediately after baby's nap time)

* Please note that booking this photoshoot you agree to terms that the photographer will not be legally liable to any possible liability, allergies or accidents during the session. * You also agree to adhere to safety and health precautions and confirm you are healthy at the time of shoot to your best knowledge else agree to reschedule. * Allow photos to be posted by photographer only (indicate otherwise if disagree) * Would kindly appreciate punctuality due to possible back to back sessions. Thank you.


There is a RM200 non-refundable deposit to book a session date. Please send in bank in slip or TNG screenshot for confirmation. The rest is to be paid in FULL on the day of shoot.

Final edits are an approximately 2-4 weeks but unedited photos will made ready within 1 week for selection (dates are approximate). If in any case photoshoot needs to be deferred, deposits are valid up to 1 year.

My account details are as follows

Loh Sook Kuan 

Maybank 114179436400